Roamwild Multi-Digger Spade


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Main Features:

  • A digging spade with a built in root cutter.
  • Dual handle design - gives more control and grip area.
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced enables effortless digging.
  • Arrow head shaped design with large surface area foot plates allows you to dig through any soil and sod with ease.
  • Super sharp root cutting edge chops through roots like a knife through butter.
  • Premium quality and is built to last.

A garden digging spade and root cutter in one.

Lightweight whilst at the same time being extremely robust - The Roamwild Multi Digger Garden Spade is the next level in digging innovation.

The unique design allows the user to translate digging power directly to the tip of the tool, where it matters most. This significantly reduces digging effort. The innovative arrow shaped head, together with the large surface foot plates easily penetrates any soil or rocky ground.

It makes light work of cutting through roots, turf and digging into hard clay.


    102cm x 19cm 5cm 

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