Japanese Nail Pullers - Sharkmate - 230mm SharkGrip Nail Puller


Japanese Nail Puller Available Sizes: 230mm SharkGrip Nail Puller - £14.99
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Japanese Nail Pullers - Sharkmate - 230mm SharkGrip Nail Puller

  • Removes embedded & Headless Nails

  • Bits and pulls any part of the nail

  • No leverage support needed

  • Great for difficult to reach places

Product Description:

Removes all types of nails, even if embedded, rusted or headless with minimal surface damage.  Simple hammer the sharp, thin claw into any part of the nail shaft to lever it out with ease.  The unique slight angle on one end gives you access to all awkward to reach places such as corners, edges and windows, whilst the L-end helps make leverage easy.  Pull the handle towards you to dislodge the nail and repeat as necessary to remove long nails.
An advanced Tempered method in the drop forge construction process of our highest quality carbon steel gives extra durability. Hand Sharpened 'V' of the nailpuller with specially hardened (HRC 50-52) will bite any portion of nail.

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