FiberFix Rigid Patch, 5" x 5" - Fix Anything - Pack of 1


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FiberFix Rigid Patch, 5" (125mm) x 5" (125mm) Fix Anything - Pack of 1

FiberFix combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resin into a repair patch that hardens like steel for flat surface repairs. Simply place the patch over your damaged surface, cure with direct sunlight or UV flashlight, and your item will be repaired within 5-15 minutes. Don’t replace it, FiberFix it!
  • Cures from gold to white
  • Hardens like steel
  • Works on most surfaces
  • UV/natural light cured
  • Can Cure in 5 minutes

The Fiber Fix Rigid Patch is the perfect solution for repairs that you can't wrap. Simply place the patch on the broken area, expose to natural or UV light and in less than 10 minutes it will cure from gold to white! It's completely waterproof and is sand able and paintable.



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