FiberFix - The Seriously Strong Repair Wrap - 3 Sizes Available


Please select which size you would like to purchase in the drop down menu below:: 1 Inch FiberFix Roll - 40 Inches Long (101cm) - £5.99
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FiberFix - GREAT for automotive repairs, fixing water leaks in plastic or metal pipes

FiberFix combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resins into a wrap that bonds to almost anything, hardens like steel and provides a permanent fix.
  • FIBER FIX - Super Adhesive Tape - 100 x Strength of Duct Tape: Fix & Repair: Automotive
  • Includes 1 sealed roll of FiberFix repair wrap, gloves, sandpaper, vinyl seal strip
  • GREAT for fixing water leaks in plastic or copper pipes
  • Rapid cure time (10-15 minutes) - sandable & Paintable - resistant between temperatures of -50°F & 3°F
  • 100% Waterproof & bonds to any surface

What is FiberFix best used for:

Use the FiberFix 1 Inch width for things like tent poles, hand tools, fishing poles, and similar items. Simply open the pouch, dip it in water, wrap the item tightly, and use your repaired item within 10-15 minutes!

Comes in 3 sizes:

1 Inch FiberFix Roll - 40 Inches Long (101cm)
2 Inch FiberFix Roll - 50 Inches Long (127cm)
4 Inch FiberFix Roll - 60 Inches Long (152cm)

Or Buy a roll of each size and SAVE £3.95

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